Bored of your normal gym routine? Don’t even have a gym routine? Here at Crossfit Luton, everyone is welcome. You don’t have to be experienced in the gym or fit – we are here to help you find the fitness you never knew you had.

Join our community of people that want to be fitter and healthier and have fun a long the way!


What They Say

Natasha is a fantastic coach, she is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and supportive. In a one hour session Natasha improved my clean technique 100% and provided me with drills and video footage to review and use in the future. I would thoroughly recommend Natasha to anyone

Carlos Fandango

Are you curious as to what an amazing coach looks like? Do not look any further as Tash is the full embodiment of everything that one looks for for a coach and she is amazing at that. Sessions with Tash are never dull and she does work you hard working on both your weaknesses and strengths to get all those gainz.
One of the things I like about her is that she drills the basic movements/techniques in you.
Her class/sessions have always been the highlight of my week and always looked forward to it.

Kathleen Talbott

Tash is the dream coach and teacher; she gives amazing tips and suggestions on how you can improve as an athlete, whilst always picking you up with positive encouragement! Her knowledge is top notch and she’s also a total inspiration in her own training. She’s a dream to know and get to workout in the gym with.

Hannah Fergerson